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… expected to fully exhaust their funds within ten years.

Check out H.R. 41.  No one is really talking about it.

Iceberg; right ahead.

Whereas the Federal Government is operating at an annual deficit and is increasing its outstanding debt every year;

Whereas the Federal Government, as of January 2015, is carrying more than $18.0 trillion in debt, of which $13.0 trillion is owed to the public and $5.08 trillion is owed to Social Security and other trust funds;

Whereas foreign governments, individuals, and corporations as of October 2014 own 47 percent of Federal debt held by the public;

Whereas Social Security’s unfunded liabilities in 2014 are $10.6 trillion over 75 years and $24.9 trillion over the infinite horizon;

Whereas the Federal debt held by the public is expected to increase by more than $7 trillion from 2014 to 2024 according to the Congressional Budget Office;

Whereas more than 16 percent of the entire Federal budget goes directly to States and local governments;

Whereas more than 22 percent of total State and local government general revenue comes from the Federal Government according to Census Bureau’s latest Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finance;

Whereas several State and local pension plans are expected to fully exhaust their funds within ten years.

You can read it here


U.S. SOLDIER’S IN Mariupol ?

Time to open this up again.  Been a long time since this blog was active.

Zero Hedge posted some good video after I was stumbling around RT.    Boots on the Ground ?   Why are we there ?   Maddening.

Get out of my face.

Get out of my face.

DEC 16th, 1773 ….

On this day in history.  Lest we forget ?

“in defiance of the American boycott of tea carrying a tax the Americans had not authorized”


This comes courtesy Nina Ippolito and POLICYMIC 

Lib, Democrat, Lib, Democrat.

Just wake up and realize, they are all the same.  They are not Patriot’s and could care less about YOU.

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100,000 protesters have gathered in Kiev.

I love it when people protest their government.  Too bad American’s are apathetic.

Ukrainian protesters blocked streets leading to government buildings with barricades, as tens of thousands rallied on Kiev’s Independence Square. The opposition hoped its pro-EU protest would attract 1 million people, calling it “The Million March.

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DEC 7th, 1941

The MSM isn’t mentioning this and I don’t believe the Administration is either.  

The attack on Pearl Harbor[nb 4] was a surprise military strike conducted by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States naval base at Pearl HarborHawaii, on the morning of December 7, 1941 (December 8 in Japan). The attack led to the United States’ entry intoWorld War II.

The Radio Patriot

This is brilliant.  Pass it on to every dumb cluck you know.  In fact, pass it on to everyone you know, because as you know, we ALL know people who know dumb clucks.  Cluck Cluck?


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