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The Middle East is a disaster.  Just a cluster fuck of hell.

In wake of the Syrian massacres that took place recently, the entire international community is screaming for intervention while the other half is calling for non-intervention (Russia and China).  I feel horrible for the innocent people killed in Syria, but how is this massacre any different than what our U.S. Government has been doing for 10 years ? Iran and Syria and Libya and and and …

Meanwhile, the BBC is getting slammed for posting pictures from a decade ago while saying the pics were from the massacre in Syria.  Bad bad bad MSM.

Check it out HERE

And with an opinion piece here

And, finally, I think the United States is at the point where we need to prepare for some kind of intervention. That doesn’t necessarily mean boots on the ground. People have talked about no-fly zones, no-drive zones, areas where the opposition could congregate and train. I think we have to prepare that.

Personally, I am for non intervention.  As horrifying as this situation is, we cannot afford it.  France is calling for intervention, well then, intervene France.

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Brandon Smith over at Alt Market wrote an arty I was emailed from Oath Keepers that suddenly brought all of these things I have been researching and studying into a clearer vision.   I have spoken before and always remind people about the situation overseas.  A situation we here at home are facing as well.  And that is The Euro, Greece, Spain, Italy and the systemic ways in how this all plays out and the trickle down domino effect that will inevitably come crashing down upon the globe.  Global Depression.  A complete collapse of the monetary system.

Brandon writes a very detailed piece and I encourage you read it yourselves.  In the meantime, unplug, educate yourself and prepare.

For the past four years I have been covering the progression of the global economic crisis with an emphasis on the debilitating effects it has had on the American financial system.  Only once before have I ever issued an economic alert, and this was at the onset of the very first credit downgrade in U.S. history by S&P.  I do not take the word “alert” lightly.  Since 2008 we have seen a cycle of events that have severely weakened our country’s foundation, but each event has then been followed by a lull, sometimes 4 to 6 months at a stretch, which seems to disarm the public, drawing them back into apathy and complacency.  The calm moments before each passing storm give Americans a false sense of hope that our capsized fiscal vessel will somehow right itself if we just hold on a little longer…

I don’t have to tell most people within the Liberty Movement that this is not going to happen.  Unfortunately, there are many out there who do not share our awareness of the situation.   Debt implosions and currency devaluation NEVER simply “fade away”; they are always followed by extreme social and political strife that tends to sully the doorsteps of almost every individual and family.  The notion that we can coast through such a tempest unscathed is an insane idea, filled with a dangerous potential for sour regrets.

There are some people who also believe that the private Federal Reserve with the Treasury in tow has the ability to prolong the worst symptoms of the collapse indefinitely, or at least, until they have long since kicked the bucket and don’t have to worry about it anymore (the ‘pay-it forward to our grandkids’ crowd) .  I can say with 100% certainty that most of us will live to see the climax of the breakdown, and that this breakdown is about to enter a more precarious state before the end of this year.  You can only stretch a sun-boiled rubber band so far before it snaps completely, and America’s financial elasticity has long been melted away.

Read the full ARTY HERE 

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Greece: More than half police officers voted Pro Neo-nazi party

Why do I keep focusing on the situation in Greece ? because, my fine feathered Sheeple.   Greece is like a little microcosm of the big picture with the Eurozone.  And if the Euro collapses, then the US Dollar will be next.  Remember that.  Worldwide, this crisis cometh …

File:Meandros flag.svg

More than half of all police officers in Greece voted for pro-Nazi party Chrysi Avgi’ (Golden Dawn) in the elections of May 6. This is the disconcerting result of an analysis carried out by the authoritative newspaper To Vima (TheTribune) in several constituencies in Athens, where 5,000 police officers in service in the Greek capital also cast their ballot.

At some polling stations Chrysi Avgi’ obtained 19 to 24% of votes.

Is it me, or is this scary ?  Police Officers casting a vote for a radical fascist  Nazi party ?  WTF ?

Check it out the source HERE

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Greece fails to form new government while French President’s Plane is struck by Lightning.

International news update for you, Greece is at risk of leaving the Eurozone, which is a huge story…

This news via RT

Talks between Greek parties aimed at forming a coalition government have failed. Party leaders will meet President Papoulias to decide on a caretaker Prime Minister and cabinet to govern until the new parliamentary elections.

A new round of political crisis unraveled on Saturday when Socialist party leader and former finance minister Evangelos Venizelos played back from forming a coalition with other parties.

Read the rest of the article HERE

Lighting strikes Hollande’s plane en route to Berlin, forces return to Paris

The newly inaugaurated French President has struck out on his very first official trip. Forces of nature stopped Francois Holland on his way to a symbolic and much-anticipated meeting with German Chancellor Merkel.

According to news reports, Hollande had a change of planes, but not plans, as he headed out for Berlin once again. There, he will meet with Angela Merkel and try to overcome their differences on how to resolve the financial crisis that’s been ravaging the eurozone for months.

Read the rest of the article HERE

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I am in a Re-Blogging kind of mood.   Why would I post or comment on the situation in Europe, when I live in San Diego, CA ?  Because.  The EURO is as much tied to the US Dollar as the US Dollar is to the EURO.  If any one of our two currencies crashes, collapses, fails, dies, devalues into hyper inflation WE ARE BOTH SCREWED.   Meaning worldwide crisis.

Ask Greece if they thought it would happen ?


Countries are moving as we speak to dump the Us Dollar.  Japan, China, Iran and other countries in the Middle East, are seeking alternative financial routes; GOLD for example.  If you are not worried about the US Dollar, YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.   Put down your Big Mac, turn off the Tube and start paying attention.

This information via

The Economic Collapse

Here are 11 Quotes showing how worried the financial world is about Europe (Click the hyper spastic linky thingy) for the full deal.

  1. Tres Knippa of Kenai Capital Management: “What is going on in Europe is an absolute disaster…the risk-on trade is not the place to be. I want to be out of equities and very, very defensive because the situation in Europe just got worse after those elections.”
  2. Mark McCormick, currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman: “We’re going to have higher tensions, more uncertainty and most likely a weaker euro.”
  3. Nick Stamenkovic, investment strategist at RIA Capital Markets in Edinburgh: “Investors are questioning whether Greece will be a part of the single currency at the end of this year.”
  4. Jörg Asmussen, a European Central Bank executive board member: “Greece needs to be aware that there is no alternative to the agreed reform program if it wants to remain a member of the eurozone”
  5. Tristan Cooper, sovereign debt analyst at Fidelity Worldwide Investment: “A Greek eurozone exit is on the cards although the probability and timing of such an event is uncertain.”
  6. Art Cashin: “Here’s the outlook on Greece from Wall Street watering holes. If a coalition government is formed or looks to be formed, global markets may rally. Any coalition is unlikely to make progress on goals, since austerity is political suicide. There will likely be another election around June 10/17. A workable majority/plurality remains unlikely, so back to square one. Therefore, Greece will be unable to attain goals by the deadline (June 30). Lacking aid funds, pensions are suspended and government workers are laid off. Protestors take to the streets and government is forced to revert to drachma to avoid social chaos. Pass the peanuts, please.”
  7. John Noonan, Senior Forex Analyst with Thomson Reuters in Sydney: “Sentiment is very bearish, The euro is under a lot of pressure right now. I get the feeling that it’s going to be a nasty move lower for the euro finally”
  8. Kenneth S. Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard: “A Greek exit would underscore that there’s no realistic long-term plan for Europe, and it would lead to a chaotic endgame for the rest of the euro zone.”
  9. Chris Tinker of Libra Investment Services: “It’s a binary decision. If Greece gets itself to the point where the European administration says, ‘We can’t play this game anymore,’ that starts a domino effect”
  10. Nicolas Véron, a senior fellow at Bruegel: “France has very limited fiscal space and actually has to engage in fiscal consolidation”
  11. 80-year-old Greek citizen Panagiota Makri: “I’m confused. I feel numb and confused. Only God can save us now”

There are 100 million working age Americans that do not have jobs, the middle class continues to shrink, the rising cost of food and the rising cost of gas are severely stretching the budgets of millions of American families and the federal government continues to run up gigantic amounts of debt.

When Europe descends into financial chaos, the United States is not going to escape it.  The financial crisis of 2008 deeply affected the entire globe, and so will the next great financial crisis.

I encourage you to check out The Economic Collapse Blog which we all should be asking “Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?”

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France’s New Socialist President. VIVE LA REVOLUTION?

Will France set themselves up to be the next big European Bailout ? One would think the last thing any European country needs at the moment is an extremist left-wing leader.   The Socialist favourite in France’s presidential election, Francois Hollande, has said top earners should pay 75% of their income in tax.  Huh ?

Hollande’s win represents a groundshift in European politics; with a socialist president, France will become the only major European country moving to the left instead of to the right in response to the economic downturn. Hollande has promised to raise taxes, lower retirement age, and boost spending levels.