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Look, let us all be honest.  This has nothing to do with my usual posts, but WTF is going on ? Much Ado ? Zombie Apocalypse ?  3 Gnarly events in the last couple of days.  I know, it isn’t really an apocalyptic event, but wouldn’t we all be stoked?

Man eats another man’s face: gruesome pictures released in zombie like attack

Surveillance video shows the attack went on for around 18 minutes before help arrived.


“The guy was, like, tearing him to pieces with his mouth, so I told him, ‘Get off!'” said Larry Vega. “The guy just kept eating the other guy away, like, ripping his skin.”

But Vega said when the police officer yelled at Eugene to back away, the naked man merely raised his head “with pieces of flesh in his mouth,” growled, and began chewing again. The officer then shot Eugene once, and when Eugene continued to attack Poppo’s face, shot him multiple times until he was dead.

Wayne Carter Threw Intestines At Officers After Stabbing Himself, Police Say

A New Jersey man allegedly cut out his entrails in front of police and then threw bits of his flesh and intestines at them.

The gruesome scene played out at a home in Hackensack, N.J., where 43-year-old Wayne Carter allegedly barricaded himself in on Sunday, NBC New York reported.

Officers got a call that morning when a witness said Carter was threatening to harm himself with a knife. Two cops responded, kicked in the door and found Carter in the corner, the station reported.

Carter allegedly ignored officers’ orders to put down the knife, and instead began stabbing himself in the abdomen, neck and legs.

An attempt to pepper spray the bleeding man had no effect, the Associated Press reported.

That’s when Carter — disemboweled but responsive — reportedly threw bits of his skin and intestines at the officers.

And finally

 A gay porn actor is suspected in the killing of his acquaintance, videotaping and posting online the man’s dismemberment and mailing the severed limbs to different locations in Ottawa, including to a political party’s headquarters, according to a source with direct knowledge of the investigation.

Authorities are searching for Luka Rocco Magnotta, 29, who they say is allegedly responsible for a human torso discovered in Montreal, thought to be linked to a human hand and foot that were separately mailed from Montreal to Ottawa.

Click HERE for CNN (Dicks!) Story

Rocco Luka Magnotta, 29, is a suspect in the discovery of a man's torso in Montreal.

Per Now Public

Several events that have occurred within the past week and half have sparked some to believe that we are facing an impending zombie apocalypse. 

At McArther High School on May 16th, Hazmat was called to decontaminate teachers and students after some broke out with a mysterious rash. The twelve students and two teachers who were inflicted with the rash were sent to the hospital. The cause of the rash is still unknown.

At the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, an unknown chemical in terminal two caused the terminal to be closed down for testing on May 17th. The chemical was closed for two days and sent five people to the emergency room. The cause remains under investigation.

Then, on May 21st, a man was arrested and charged after he allegedly grabbed an 18-year-old woman by the throat, bit her cheek and twisted her right arm while threatening to kill her if she called the police

Hazmat and EMS crews responded to a school in Lake County early Friday after 27 children and adults said they weren’t feeling well on a school bus on May 25th. The children were exposed to pesticide used by the bus driver to clean an area of the bus where another child had gotten sick earlier.

A 24-year old Canadian man was taken into custody for rushing toward the front of an American Airlines flight from Jamaica after the plane landed in Miami on Thursday, May 25. Airline officials say the disoriented passenger stood up from his seat and did not obey orders to remain seated. He rushed towards the front of the plane and was only subdued after some passengers calmed him down.

On Saturday, May 27th a naked man now identified as Rudy Eugene was shot by police after he was trying to eat the face of another man on the side of a road in Miami. He was nicknamed the ‘Miami Zombie”, and (extremely gruesome) photos of the unidentified victim’s face were released on the internet.

And here’s bad news. The zombie-like behavior may be spreading outside of Florida. Also on Saturday, New Jersey man Wayne Carter cut himself open and threw his skin and intestines at police officers after barricading himself in his home. The police officers withdrew and called in the SWAT team. Carter survived the incident but is in critical condition.

Then today, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign tweeted the following warning to its students last night: “Hazardous materials released at Institute for Genomic Biology. Escape area if safe to do so. Otherwise seek shelter.”

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The Middle East is a disaster.  Just a cluster fuck of hell.

In wake of the Syrian massacres that took place recently, the entire international community is screaming for intervention while the other half is calling for non-intervention (Russia and China).  I feel horrible for the innocent people killed in Syria, but how is this massacre any different than what our U.S. Government has been doing for 10 years ? Iran and Syria and Libya and and and …

Meanwhile, the BBC is getting slammed for posting pictures from a decade ago while saying the pics were from the massacre in Syria.  Bad bad bad MSM.

Check it out HERE

And with an opinion piece here

And, finally, I think the United States is at the point where we need to prepare for some kind of intervention. That doesn’t necessarily mean boots on the ground. People have talked about no-fly zones, no-drive zones, areas where the opposition could congregate and train. I think we have to prepare that.

Personally, I am for non intervention.  As horrifying as this situation is, we cannot afford it.  France is calling for intervention, well then, intervene France.

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The Radio Patriot

He is by far one of the dumbest most inept anti-American presidents ever to defile the White House

I so totally agree with this comment left at this item about Obama in a foreign newspaper.

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From RT News

Around 12,000 troops from more than 19 nations are wrapping up a massive military training drill in the Middle East. But for some of those servicemen, these exercises might be just the beginning of something much bigger to come.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan are just a sampling of the many countries — along with European allies — that have been involved in the nearly month-long Eager Lion 2012 exercise expected to end this week. Although much of the drills have been kept under wraps, it isn’t a secret that these states have spent the last month cooperating together through mock combat drills and comprehensive training. Some sources overseas report, however, that as many as 3,000 troops aligned with US forces have conducted a simulated landing and attack on Iran, preparing America and its allies for a war that becomes more likely by the day.

The IRAQ war is over, despite the presence of an embassy bigger than the Vatican and the daily bloodshed that still permeates the country, Obama has stated that troops will be coming home from Afghanistan in 2014, despite a backdoor deal that we will have a presence there until 2024.   So why all of the new training ?

Gen. Mattis has recently sought approval from US President Barack Obama to deploy a third aircraft carrier to the Middle East to increase America’s presence.

The United States currently has two massive aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf area, both the USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Enterprise, and CNN adds in their report that the Air Force has sent six of the stealth F-22 fighter jets to the neighboring United Arab Emirates.


Do you hear that ? Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Listen.   Yep.  War Drums.  The Empire and the Machine marches on.


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What startling revelations can we expect from the Posse this go around ?  And will anyone actually do anything about it ?

“From what you’re telling me,” Gillar said, “it sounds like the next press conference is going to be even more amazing than the last press conference back on March 1st.

“It will be,” Zullo responded. “The information … is going to be breathtaking when it’s released.”

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John McCain calls Obama foreign policy “feckless”? Really ?!

John MCCain.  He is a funny little man.  Always reminding us how he was a POW.  Just such an angry dude.  I find it laughable that he would call Obama’s foreign policy feckless.  Obama’s and Bush’s policies are near identical and much in line with McCain’s.  I find both of these ass-hats idea of foreign policy extremely dangerous to our country.


In an interview with Fox News Sunday, US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) accused Barack Obama for embracing a feckless policy and punting tough decisions until after the November presidential election. Specifically, he accused the current administration of relying on Russia to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict. Obama has opposed taking military action in Syria, a stance that has been criticized by a number of prominent Republicans. McCain has been one of the most outspoken critics of a lenient approach towards Russia. He heads the Senate Armed Services Committee and was Obama’s main opponent in the 2008 presidential election.

I don’t think Barack is handling the Iran situation well at all.  I DO believe he is carefully avoiding as many issues as possible as we near November.  What I do think, is that The Big O will indeed bring us to war with Iran and I do think McCain would just come himself if we do.   McCain is a war profiteer (as are many many people inside the Corporation.  McCain has recently demanded we go to war in Syria.

What is up with John McCain ?  This is the same piece of shit that sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb, bomb Iran …………..” during his failed run at the Presidential Election in 2008.

Only Ron Paul would give us a humble foreign policy.   Anyone else is Danger Will Robinson.

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ROMNEY IS THE GOP NOMINEE. Er, uh, No. No, no,no,no.

But the MSM tells me Romney is already the nominee ? Ahhhhhhhh, yes.  But you don’t actually believe what the MSM tells you, do you ?

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