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Ron Paul: Rand ‘probably will’ run in 2016.

Not entirely a secret but good to hear it being thrown out there.

Ron Paul

Per  (CNN) – Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul indicated Monday that his son, Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky, will likely run for president in 2016.

“I think he probably will. I mean, he’s been on TV hinting that he very well might,” Paul, a former congressman from Texas, said of his son’s presidential aspirations to CNN’s Jake Tapper appearing on “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

A junior senator and tea party favorite, Rand Paul has said that he hasn’t decided on a possible run.

Read the rest HERE at the corporately owned CNN.

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Everyone seems to be jumping up and down as The Big ‘O’ says he is down with Gay Marriage (a position he has changed a number of times over the years).  The Media, Magazines and people everywhere are rejoicing … while Ron Paul for years has said the same thing.  Bottom line ?  If the State would just get out of the way on these NON ISSUES, we would not even be discussing it.

Vote on principle, not on politics.   Unplug, educate and prepare.

And after reading the following, what part of this plan could you possibly disagree with ? While Barack and Mitt give you nothing but rhetoric and no plan of action at all, Paul gives you a very detailed action plan.   Think about Serf’s.

Ron Paul Plan

Ron Paul Plan

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