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OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE – Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference Part Duex

I am not a birther by nature.  It has taken a lot of compelling evidence to bring me around on this issue.   The question I have is, if these guys are full of shit, and I do not think they are, why won’t the MSM report on this ?  Is this not a big deal no matter what the truth is ?

It seems possible and logical and with enough compelling evidence that the sitting President of the United States is a fraud.

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What startling revelations can we expect from the Posse this go around ?  And will anyone actually do anything about it ?

“From what you’re telling me,” Gillar said, “it sounds like the next press conference is going to be even more amazing than the last press conference back on March 1st.

“It will be,” Zullo responded. “The information … is going to be breathtaking when it’s released.”

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Obama born in Kenya.

The Radio Patriot

Breaking at Drudge – this story that just published less than an hour ago at Breitbart.com…

Mr. Obama, we’re ready for your close-up…


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