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Libertarians last anti-war faction in the United States.

Barack Obama, John McCain, Rick Santorum, and the Top 5 Worst Politicians in America

From an arty posted on Policymic

What makes the sitting president worse than the warmongers, bigots, totalitarians, and sociopaths which precede him on this list? It’s the fact that he has all the power to stop these things from happening, but chooses not to. In fact, his imperial presidency has actively aided such efforts.

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An interesting article over at The Blaze that illustrates Barack’s endless changing of his mind on the issue of gay marriage.   It strikes me as odd, not really, that this is a headline.  It seems the headlines recently are as follows during this election season “Gay Marriage”, “War on Women”, “Trayvon Martin” and finally “Twinkies are yellow.”

WTF is with the Pink Turban ?  Gay Arab dude ? Breast Cancer Supporter ?

WTF is with the Pink Turban ? Gay Arab dude ? Breast Cancer Supporter ?

They’ll (the MSM) will talk about anything but the real issues facing our country, won’t they ? No headlines or talk of “Unsustainable Wars or The Trillion Dollar Deficit and devaluation of our dollar, no talk of NDAA or CISPA or NDRP or any other raping of our rights as so called free people.  And this is what sucks about the MSM and the relationship it has with their Sheeple.   They will have the Sheeple talking about everything but the real issues that are ruining this once great Nation.

I have an acquaintance that I have since removed from my Facebook, that was holding for firm support of Obama based strictly on his stance on Gay Marriage.  That’s it.  I asked him about everything else (see above) and it was like speaking Greek to a German Prostitute.  I’m not sure what that means either, but you get the point.

And now, there is this big hurrah that “Biden apologizes to Obama for marriage controversy”.  It was fucking planned.  Don’t you people get that ? None of this is an accident.  This is a very strategic, carefully planned campaign stunt.

The following tags courtesy of The Blaze Article

  • On Wednesday, President Barack Obama made the historic announcement that he endorses same-sex marriage
  • Take, for instance, a Windy City Times article from 1996, in which Obama, then a candidate for the Illinois State Senate, affirmed his ”unequivocal support for gay marriage.”
  • 1998 — just two years later — Obama’s “favor”  During yet another election cycle, he answered that his position on the issue was “undecided.”
  • n 2004 (yes, another election year), Obama took a more middle-ground route, as he publicly supported domestic partnerships and civil unions. He also took the opportunity to say that, unlike his statement in 1998, he did not support gay marriage.
  • The 2008 election cycle, during which Obama affirmed that he believes marriage to be between one man and one woman.

Why is it Mitt Romney is a flip flopper (he is) and Obama is an evolver on issues ?  Do me a favor, please.  For the love of all that is fucking holy ?  Stick to the issues this time.  Do not be misled by bullshit campaign tricks.  They are designed to get you thinking of everything not related to the reality.  The Race Card, The Gay Card, The Women’s Rights card ……

In other words ? Use your head, right ?  Oh and one other thing ? I support Gay rights and believe they should be allowed to marry.   I just don’t think the government should have any say in it, you know ?

And really, what is up with Barack always using Michelle and his daughters for valid reasons of changing his mind on issues ?  Yeah, I noticed it too.

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

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