The Radio Patriot

Written by my telethon co-host Lloyd Marcus, his piece reveals the vitriol and abject stupidity of some on the Left.

America’s Top Conservatives Politically Battle-Ready To Defeat Obama’s Tyranny

On July 4th I co-hosted the Campaign To Defeat Obama Telethon. We raised funds to wage campaigns in four states which Obama won last election, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Nevada. Our goal is to win those states delivering 50 electoral votes to Mitt Romney. Patriots across America responded well making the telethon a success.

I thought it might be interesting to share a little behind the scenes info with you.

After the broadcast, a few of our staff who were taking donations over the phones said they were shocked at the number of hate-filled emotion driven idiotic calls from Obama supporters.

Obama brain dead callers expressed outrage that we would dare oppose America’s first black president on Independence Day…

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