The Middle East is a disaster.  Just a cluster fuck of hell.

In wake of the Syrian massacres that took place recently, the entire international community is screaming for intervention while the other half is calling for non-intervention (Russia and China).  I feel horrible for the innocent people killed in Syria, but how is this massacre any different than what our U.S. Government has been doing for 10 years ? Iran and Syria and Libya and and and …

Meanwhile, the BBC is getting slammed for posting pictures from a decade ago while saying the pics were from the massacre in Syria.  Bad bad bad MSM.

Check it out HERE

And with an opinion piece here

And, finally, I think the United States is at the point where we need to prepare for some kind of intervention. That doesn’t necessarily mean boots on the ground. People have talked about no-fly zones, no-drive zones, areas where the opposition could congregate and train. I think we have to prepare that.

Personally, I am for non intervention.  As horrifying as this situation is, we cannot afford it.  France is calling for intervention, well then, intervene France.

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