John McCain calls Obama foreign policy “feckless”? Really ?!

John MCCain.  He is a funny little man.  Always reminding us how he was a POW.  Just such an angry dude.  I find it laughable that he would call Obama’s foreign policy feckless.  Obama’s and Bush’s policies are near identical and much in line with McCain’s.  I find both of these ass-hats idea of foreign policy extremely dangerous to our country.


In an interview with Fox News Sunday, US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) accused Barack Obama for embracing a feckless policy and punting tough decisions until after the November presidential election. Specifically, he accused the current administration of relying on Russia to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict. Obama has opposed taking military action in Syria, a stance that has been criticized by a number of prominent Republicans. McCain has been one of the most outspoken critics of a lenient approach towards Russia. He heads the Senate Armed Services Committee and was Obama’s main opponent in the 2008 presidential election.

I don’t think Barack is handling the Iran situation well at all.  I DO believe he is carefully avoiding as many issues as possible as we near November.  What I do think, is that The Big O will indeed bring us to war with Iran and I do think McCain would just come himself if we do.   McCain is a war profiteer (as are many many people inside the Corporation.  McCain has recently demanded we go to war in Syria.

What is up with John McCain ?  This is the same piece of shit that sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb, bomb Iran …………..” during his failed run at the Presidential Election in 2008.

Only Ron Paul would give us a humble foreign policy.   Anyone else is Danger Will Robinson.

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