I wonder how many serf’s actually realize we have been bombing and attacking inside the border of Paksitan for the last eight years.  Numbers vary,  but it is estimated close to 2,680 people have been killed by drones and other bombings inside this sovereign country.  Pakistan, traditionally an ally of the U.S. has voiced their opposition to these attcks many times, especially in 2011 when ‘NATO’ forces (see U.S.) killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Just today, a US drone strike killed eight militants in a Taliban stronghold of Pakistan’s tribal belt, bringing the death toll from such strikes to 12 in two days according to  Pakistani officials said.

Local’s said the strike damaged a mosque where three worshippers believed to be Central Asians were fatally wounded. “They were seriously wounded and died later in the hospital,” a security official said.  It was the fourth US drone strike reported in Pakistan since parliament in March demanded an end to the strikes, and the second in as many days.

Imagine that ? Their Parliament has demanded the U.S. stop bombing and conducting drone attacks in their country, and we ignore them.  What would you do, if China was using Drones to go after their enemies, and were conducting bombing raids in Montana, and then were killing civilians ? Or fuck Montana.  What if was your own hometown ?  and we really have to ask why people hate us ?

How come no one wants peace in this world ? Alright, I’m off to work.   by the way, we’ve lost 21 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan this month thus far.  But fuck it, tomorrows Friday, right ?

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