Diplomacy.  Diplomacy. Diplomacy.  Oh where art thou ?  The Cold War is over, yet we carry on with Cold War rhetoric, again, this being not of the most vital interests.  But wait, maybe it is.  Isn’t it time we started talking with Cuba ? A beautiful island nation just 90 miles from South Florida.   Why are we still doing this ? And why is Mitt making this a part of the campaign ? He says “They have ‘one of our own’ in their prison!”

Hello !  Mitt. We have more people in prisons than any country on earth, what does Alan Gross have to do with this ? Mr. Gross broke the law in that country.  Was it an insane law only a country like Cuba could make up ? Yeeeess.  But he still broke their law while in their country.

Per Wiki

Alan Phillip Gross (born May 2, 1949[1]) is an American social worker and international development professional.[2] In December 2009 he was arrested while in Cuba as a contractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of a program funded under the 1996 Helms-Burton Act.[3] He was prosecuted in 2011 after being accused of crimes against the Cuban state for bringing satellite phones and computer equipment to members of Cuba’s Jewish community without the permit required under Cuban law,[4] and is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence in Cuba.[3]

But I digress.

Per Politco

Mitt Romney chastised President Obama’s administration for allowing the daughter of Cuban head of state Raul Castro into the United States.

“I am greatly disturbed by the Obama administration’s decision to allow Mariel Castro, daughter of Raul Castro, to travel to the United States. We shouldn’t be extending an open hand to a regime engaged in the systematic and flagrant denial of basic human rights,” Romney said in a statement.

“While the Cuban regime engages in a fierce crackdown on dissent and continues to unjustly imprison one of our own citizens, Alan Gross, the Obama Administration should not be welcoming the daughter of a dictator. The United States should be standing up for those on the island who are risking their very lives fighting for freedom,” Romney said.

Castro was allowed into the United States to attend a meeting of the Latin American Studies Association. Romney’s condemnation follows on the heels of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) YouTube comments, where the Cuban-American politican called the younger Castro an “arm” of the regime and slammed the visa as “shameful.”

The Cuban-American community is highly anti-Castro — and the issue could resonate among an influential Florida constituency that is a bit more conservative than the wider Latino community.

I would prefer our lame politicians (Wait, Mitt isn’t even a politician) to focus on a more humble foreign policy.  One of trade, diplomacy, peace and prosperity.   Does anyone ever stop to think, that on this island, we have a Major Naval Base, home to GITMO ?  Yet, we run smack and point fingers.

The woman is visiting so she can speak on gay and lesbian rights on a panel Thursday about the politics of sexual diversity during the annual congress of the Latin American Studies Assn., but of course Mitt has to make this a major issue, er non issue, er issue.

My favorite part is Mitt saying “”While the Cuban regime engages in a fierce crackdown on dissent …”  What the fuck does he think our own government is moving towards ? Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Stella !

What I would really dig, is for Mitt and Obama to shut up and tell us exactly what they play on doing to unfuck this countries major issues.  Why is it, only Ron Paul has clearly stated exactly what he will do ?  Do I even need to answer that for you ? You know, right ?  I have to agree with Fidel when he slammed the GOP:

 “The selection of a Republican candidate for the presidency of this globalised and expansive empire is – and I mean this seriously – the greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been,”

I don’t know.  Instead of slamming The Big O for allowing Castro’s daughter to visit, perhaps we should acknowledge that it is a rare gesture of goodwill.  I don’t agree with anything Obama says or does (most of the time) and would rather see him ousted like the Lakers will surely be, but with Mitt using this as a campaign slander attack, is just .. is just …

Look.  Here’s the deal.  This bullshit cold war smack towards Cuba, does not hurt that countries leaders or ruling class.  It only hurts the PEOPLE.  The SERFS.  The men, women and children.  Just like those Sanctions against Iran, it isn’t hurting anyone other than the ones who will be hurt the most.   People like you and me.  Think about it.

Oh jesus.  Just vote Ron Paul suckas.


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