This is the first part in a series of terms, ideas, theories and common sense in regards to the issues that face our nation.  It seems the election and media are talking about everything but the real issues we face and what is happening in our country, the once great, free and proud.

Foreign Policy.  George Bush (the dumb one) ran his entire campaign on a humble foreign policy and no policing the world.  He spoke of ‘No Nation Building’ (Overthrowing leaders of other countries and installing our own; the Shah for example,) all in the name of promoting democracy and peace, yes, I know …the fucking irony.   Let us start with the $64,000 Question.

Why do they attack us ?

It isn’t because we are free, or Christian, or have Starbucks, or treat our women equally or what ever absurd reasons I have read and heard, they attack for simply one reason and one alone.


Per Wiki

Blowback is the espionage term for unintended consequences of a covert operation that are suffered by the civil population of the aggressor government. To the civilians suffering the blowback of covert operations, the effect typically manifests itself as “random” acts of political violence without a discernible, direct cause; because the public—in whose name the intelligence agency acted—are ignorant of the effected secret attacks that provoked revenge (counter-attack) against them.[1] Specifically, blowback denotes the resultant, violent consequences—reported as news fact, by domestic and international mass communications media, when the actor intelligence agency hides its responsibility via media manipulation. Generally, blowbackloosely denotes every consequence of every aspect of a secret attack operation, thus, it is synonymous with consequence—the attacked victims’ revenge against the civil populace of the aggressor country, because the responsible politico-military leaders are invulnerable.

I remember when Ron Paul, during the 2008 Election Primary’s brought this up.  The audience, the moderators and the clowns next to him on stage all gasped and mocked Paul.  Especially Rudy Giuliani (Who runs his entire legacy on just happening to be the Mayor of New York during 9/11)

In this video, Ron Paul explains the damage that an interventionist policy can have when it comes to violent blowback.  It is like Foreign Policy for Dummies and of course  Giuliani is one of the dumbest of them all.

Chalmers Johnson has a great quote and wrote a series on this:

“In Blowback, I set out to explain why we are hated around the world. The concept “blowback” does not just mean retaliation for things our government has done to and in foreign countries. It refers to retaliation for the numerous illegal operations we have carried out abroad that were kept totally secret from the American public. This means that when the retaliation comes — as it did so spectacularly on September 11, 2001 — the American public is unable to put the events in context. So they tend to support acts intended to lash out against the perpetrators, thereby most commonly preparing the ground for yet another cycle of blowback.

Dumb it down on a personal level if you still can’t grasp this.  If you are schoolyard bully and always leaning on the other kids and one day, some kid strikes back, would you be that surprised ?

Ron Paul is THE ONLY CANDIDATE that speaks of ending the wars, bringing the troops home, a humble, non interventionist foreign policy, no policing the world and no nation building.   THE ONLY ONE.  PERIOD.    If you do not understand this, or have trouble grasping the difference between Military Spending and Defense Spending … wait, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt.  Surely you know the difference ?  Right ?

Unplug, educate and prepare.

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