Imagine you and I have a meeting coming up to discuss some issues we believe you may or may not be doing.   It is a meeting for peace and stability and understanding.   Before the meeting begins, I tell you “By the way, I froze your bank accounts and exports.  I know your people are going to suffer, but we need to talk about what I am not 100% sure of, is going down.  See you Friday, suckas!”


The U.S. Senate unanimously voted to tighten sanctions on Iran on Monday, three days after a dispute over whether to include the threat of American force stalled the legislation.  The new sanctions would target Iran’s oil and banking industries, as well as other sectors. The measure passed the Senate on a voice vote Monday evening, two days before a new round of talks between Iran and leading U.N. members in Baghdad.

Final thoughts on a Monday evening.  Sanctions are more or less, an act of war.  What would we (you) do if these sanctions were put on you ?

Passage came after senators agreed to add language warning that military force would be an option available to the United States if Iran seeks to build a nuclear weapon. But the measure also states that nothing in the legislation authorizes military action.

The case for war against Iran is being made as we speak.  as we cripple Iran’s economy with sanctions, we fail miserably at diplomacy.  Iran, and our own intelligence has stated:  analysts continue to believe that there is no hard evidence that Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb.  As we rejoice in news that The Big O is getting some of our troops out in 2014, we make the case everyday to go to war with Iran.

Unplug, educate yourself and prepare.

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