Well, it appears two piece of shit Senators want to stop Facebook’s Eduardo Saverin from dodging taxes.  Saverin renouned his U.S. citizenship ahead of the company’s initial public offering and these ass clowns have now introduced legislation to punish him (and others) who leave the country to avoid paying large taxes.   Among the penalties would be a ban on reentering the United States for anyone that the Internal Revenue Service determined renounced citizenship to avoid paying taxes.

Are you kidding me ?  How much money do you want from the people ?  How much do you vultures think you deserve ?

“This is a great American success story gone wrong,” Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said. “Mr. Saverin wants to de-friend the United States just to avoid paying taxes, and we’re not going to let him get away with it.”

This is the exact politician that needs to simply get off my planet.   In another example of government raping, these two serf-herders (and Sen. Robert Casey (D-Penn.) are going to introduce the Expatriation Prevention by Abolishing the Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy Act, also know as the Ex-PATRIOT Act.

Any person with a net worth of $2 million or an average income-tax liability of at least $148,000 over the previous five years who renounces U.S. citizenship would be presumed by the Internal Revenue Service to have done so to avoid paying taxes.

Presumed by the IRS ?  Presumed ? You mean fucking allegedly?  Apparently in 2011, 1,780 people gave up their U.S. citizenship.  can we blame them ? Schumer is missing the big picture here.  Is this guy for real ? Why is he spinning it like it’s an insult to American people ? Good for Eduardo !  He made some mad bank while changing the culture.  This American has no problems with Eduardo renouncing his status as an American Citizen, especially when the Federal Government wants to steal $67 Million from him.

Homeboy already has paid a 15% Exit Fee.  Apparently that is not enough for Washington considering they helped out so much on making The Face what it is.

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2 thoughts on “ESCAPE FROM AMERICA.

  1. Al says:

    I don’t think it would surprise anyone that two DEMOCRATS want to take more taxes from one of America’s citizens. That’s all Democrats know how to do!! Our tax code is about 17,000 pages and has been predominatly written by Democrat Charlie Rangel for the past 35 years. It is one of the most convaluted codes ever written in this country. It is the code that is designed to give tax break after tax break to certain groups to the point that 50% of our country doesn’t even pay taxes. Democrats are the same party that just this past year raised the ‘death tax’ from 35 to 50%. Basically they tax the crap out of you when you’re alive then take 505 of your estate when you die!!

    • Al says:

      That’s not 505, it’s 50% of your estate so the family doesn’t get it. In the mean time they vote themselves salaries of $178,000/yr
      and get that same amount when they retire for the rest of their lives, just for serving one term in congress. That means they are taking or taxes for the rest of their lives!!

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