Greece fails to form new government while French President’s Plane is struck by Lightning.

International news update for you, Greece is at risk of leaving the Eurozone, which is a huge story…

This news via RT

Talks between Greek parties aimed at forming a coalition government have failed. Party leaders will meet President Papoulias to decide on a caretaker Prime Minister and cabinet to govern until the new parliamentary elections.

A new round of political crisis unraveled on Saturday when Socialist party leader and former finance minister Evangelos Venizelos played back from forming a coalition with other parties.

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Lighting strikes Hollande’s plane en route to Berlin, forces return to Paris

The newly inaugaurated French President has struck out on his very first official trip. Forces of nature stopped Francois Holland on his way to a symbolic and much-anticipated meeting with German Chancellor Merkel.

According to news reports, Hollande had a change of planes, but not plans, as he headed out for Berlin once again. There, he will meet with Angela Merkel and try to overcome their differences on how to resolve the financial crisis that’s been ravaging the eurozone for months.

Read the rest of the article HERE

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