65 Lies by President Obama


2 thoughts on “65 Lies by President Obama

  1. Al says:

    I think it’s important for all to know that this clown in the White House is not just your normal,run of the mill liar. Obama’s father was a muslim and Obama has a muslim Islamic name. In addition, Obama spent the first 10 years of his life attending Islamic schools and studying the Koran in the most populous muslim nation on earth, Indonesia. He is fluent in Arabic.

    When he won the presidency of the United States

  2. Al says:

    (continued) he did not go on ABC, CBS, or NBC to talk to the American people. He went on the terrorist Al-Jezeera network in Cairo, Egypt to address the muslim people in the middle east and told them how bad of a country America had been. He did this to make sure they knew he was on their side. Most Americans and westerners aren’t familiar with the religeon of Islam because it is an eastern religeon. However, one of the basic tenents of Islam is that it’s okay to lie if it’s in the furtherance of Islam. Do not expect the lies in this video to be the last lies this guy tells!! He is a congenital liar of the worst kind!!

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