Gingrich: Obama slogan should be ‘Downward,’ not ‘Forward’

“You know, they wanted to use ‘Forward’ as their slogan,” Gingrich said of the Obama campaign during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “They should be using ‘Downward,’ because that’s been the trend for the economy, for take-home pay, for people being able to afford gasoline. In every case, it’s been downward under Obama.”

I don’t like Ginrich.  He is a career politician and leech on society.  Although it is easy to take jabs at Barack, I agree with Newt on this one.   what i do not agree with his his usual dismissal of the facts:

Among the “many strong things” that Romney has going for him, Gingrich said, is the fact that he has, well, won the GOP nomination.  “You know, I didn’t win,” Gingrich said. “Rick Perry didn’t win. Michele Bachmann didn’t win. Rick Santorum didn’t win. You have to have some respect for a guy who spent six years of his life, put together a serious national campaign, made the case.”

No mention of Paul Newt ? Has Romney won? I suppose the MSM and GOP would like us to believe this, but with Paul winning delegates in state after state after state and not at all being highlighted by the MSM makes me think it is going to be a long 6 month ride to November.  The dirt hasn’t been made on Mitt too much, but now that Barack has officially kicked off his campaign (god help us), one can be sure it will start to surface.

The Newt

The Newt


You can watch the video on Face The Nation.  But it will only make you want to jump through the screen and choke him out.


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